The Awakening: Enlighten Thoughts
by Brenda Henson
Xlibris US

"I am God’s child, and this I know."

Poems that exult in the self, the spirit, God, and family invite readers onto paths of callings, questionings, and happy moments that fill life with memories. Part celebration, part assertive affirmation, this collection will delight and inspire readers with its bright, vibrant voice that rings firmly and proudly in each poem. Portrayals of close-knit families remind readers that life's most precious moments cannot be bought. Sneak peeks into passionate romance appeal to hopeless romantics and confirm the comfort that stability and mutual respect in a relationship can offer. The strength, beauty, and power of the strong female resound loudly, reminding women of all backgrounds that to be female is truly a blessing.

Poems like "Can You Hear Me?" explore the crushing weight of hopelessness, but its defiant repetition of "I am" establishes a willingness to continue onward. "My Perception of Me" dives into the darkened depths of self-hatred, but it portrays a speaker determined to love herself as she declares, "I will not go back; I will not falter." The poem "Sophisticated Lady" bears an I-am-woman tone in its portrayal of a well-educated woman who embraces her existence. Meanwhile, "A Love Poem to My Granddaughters" conveys the hope that the future generation will grow into formative leaders. "Dear Mama," with its elegiac tone, celebrates motherhood and affirms the legacy that only a mother can leave. Like a well-crafted letter from an old friend, a loving aunt, or even a proud sister, this collection will warm hearts and inspire confidence in all who read it.

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