The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel
by Phillip Parcheminer
Xlibris US

"…nobody really wants to live a life completely isolated and alone, myself included."

Parcheminer is obsessed with beautiful women. This obsession is the most readily apparent manifestation of the social anxiety that governs every aspect of the author's life. From an early age, he is bullied, most notably for his French-accented English and his sensitivity. His peers' ridicule, and their false belief that he is gay, leave him with the anxiety to which he most frequently applies the adjective "debilitating." To cope, he spends as much time as possible in a world of his own creation, a world where he develops passions for female celebrities, music, truck driving, and, ultimately, writing, as inspired by a beautiful young blonde librarian to whom he only musters the courage to speak once in more than two years. That inspiration resulted in this memoir.

Parcheminer honestly describes the difficulties and humiliations of life as a social anxiety sufferer. He offers yet another illustration of the harmful effects of childhood bullying. His retreat from society shows how lavishly diverse the world of a person's mind can be. He takes pleasure in such simple things as Pepsi and the French language. His love of solitude leads him to a state of keen self-awareness. The author's obsession with women sometimes results in feelings of discomfort in others, as his remarks to women about their beauty often leave them so flustered that their embarrassment is obvious even to him. Even so, those who experience discouragement because of social anxiety might derive hope from Parcheminer's story. Additionally, those who help them might glean insights into more effective future treatments.

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