The Beginning: The Blugees Book 5
by Edward Morris
PageTurner Press and Media

"If they make it past the champion, they will be awarded a royal position in the palace. Let the games begin!"

This fifth book in the author’s science fiction series plunges the reader into the past to understand the immortal group of friends with superpowers known as the Blugees. Their world is full of swamps and, eventually, corruption. It is ruled by a cruel man named Burch, and people who have magical abilities or talents are either born of the royal line or brought into the palace to serve the royals, including the Blugees.

Apes and gators are in conflict away from the palace. As the gators begin to kill people, a man named Jim is sent to understand the problem. When he brings the information back, Burch creates the games. With the assistance of weapons created by a man called Arvin and the apes, they enter a battle to the death with the gators. Enjoying the experience, Burch decides to create an arena for battles to the death, beginning with the apes and gators and later between people. Better and fiercer weapons are created. While Jim is unhappy with his role in this, he also fears for his family’s safety. As he and the children who will become the Blugees navigate a world colored by Burch and his viciousness, they soon find themselves in situations they could never have expected.

Riveting and fast-paced, this book follows the history of the Blugees and the dangers they faced early in their lives. With battle sequences, magical powers, and questions of morality, this book not only answers where the Blugees began but also captivates the reader in a historical, science fiction setting. Simple text and dialogue keep the quick pace and make this book appeal to a broad audience. The reader remains intrigued by twists and turns along the way and can easily enter this fascinating new world.

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