The Blue Ring Assassin
by Keith K. Millheim

"Go home Zoe. Get a life. If you want revenge, don’t think about it – do it."

When marine biologist Dr. Zoe Waringi-Quinn discovers her father has been killed in a hit-and-run accident by a drunk driver, she is devastated to learn just how brutal a death it was. The driver, a senator, is tried for murder but found not guilty. Zoe finds herself completely lost in overwhelming grief, which leads to reckless behavior and places her in danger. Suddenly rescued by a strange aboriginal man, she soon becomes aware that he is a mystic sent to watch over her. Using her knowledge of poisonous sea creatures, Zoe seeks revenge against the senator who killed her father. Once her father is avenged, she then feels compelled to rid the world of others who have evaded justice. How will this compulsion affect her life, and how does the strange mystic fit into the picture?

This fast-paced thriller will have readers eagerly turning pages as they follow Zoe's strange and mystical journey. She is a strong, female protagonist who loves those close to her as deeply as she hates those who use their power and money to subjugate and hurt others and then cover up their heinous crimes. Millheim's writing is crisp, fluent, and informative, especially concerning the traits of the marine life Zoe studies. The descriptions of death by poison are quite disconcerting in their intricate details, which could be unsettling for some readers. However, those who enjoy thrillers with plenty of intrigue will love the plot twists and detailed narrative. This novel grabs its audience from the beginning and never lets go.

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