The Boy Who Was Destined To Be King
by Ricky D. Wilson
PageTurner Press and Media

"He would think about different things. He would dream about his village having everything so they wouldn’t have to go far to fetch supplies."

This delightful novella features a boy living in a small village named Tapolis on the outskirts of the city. Hope is different from the other children. He does his chores like everybody else, but there is still something unique about him. He often seems to be lost in thought. He is a dreamer with "curious eyes." One day while en route to the main city, Hope overhears a conversation from a group of bandits who seek to overthrow the King. None of the guards believe his story, and yet Hope could never tell a lie. Eventually, barging past the knights, he makes his way to the King himself and tells him what he has heard. The King sends his knights to investigate, and sure enough, Hope's warning saves the kingdom from the band of evil miscreants. Years later, the King has aged and is looking for a worthy replacement. He seeks in his successor someone who excels at reading and writing, is "knowledgeable enough to make the right decisions for the people," and is entirely honest.

Young readers of this fable will be delighted to discover what the future holds for Hope. Wilson's emphasis on knowledge and learning as a means to guide the decisions which will most benefit the people of the kingdom is an important one. Parents will also enjoy sharing this story with their children. "Knowledge made the difference and knowledge became the power that made it possible for a boy to be the King of the throne," writes Wilson. Hope makes a difference in the lives of the people, allowing everyone the chance to learn, more schools to be built, and the kingdom to grow strong.

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