"Those inside the Byzantine pineapple gain, and those outside lose out. And whether morally right or wrong, it is all legal!"

Anybody fed up with modern society has heard or repeated the classic axioms about the rich getting richer, the middle class attacking the lower class for using their tax money to sustain themselves, and how the system is designed to protect special interests while turning a blind eye to the everyman. In this book, the author approaches these issues head-on, proposing the demolition of needs-based systems in favor of blanket coverage for all people, so that anybody who needs healthcare (not health insurance) or a place to call home is covered. Additionally, a direct formula to make a flat tax rate possible is included, replacing the labyrinthine tax laws and loopholes with a simple formula of addition that explains how every dollar and cent is allocated. The ideas might seem radical or drastic to some, but big problems take big solutions.

Obviously, a book like this on a topical political issue will inspire some and incense others, but all can agree that the author is capable of taking very convoluted processes and ideas and distilling them down into simple English with a little humor and plenty of patience. The second half of the book is a bit more personal and addresses the reader directly, providing a unique business plan and vision for a company to produce the author’s ideas into major motion pictures and provide the potential investor with the opportunity for financial gain. These two concepts might seem juxtaposed and disparate but intertwine naturally in order to get this book’s important message in the hands of the people. Full of references to pop culture and literature, the author states his vision for a better world clearly and gives readers hope for a potentially better tomorrow.

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