The Causality of Time
by Jannathan Strawthorne
Trafford Publishing

"The passage of mind, thought, and awareness processed a thinking of other possibilities, other existences—perhaps other forms of life. It contemplated this potential with a depth of knowledge far beyond understanding, far beyond the physical and nonphysical world—beyond any reality other than its own."

Beginning before the start of time with an entity that depends on nothing for its awareness but simply is, this is a story digging into the deep mysteries behind the grand experiment of life. Alternating between the nonphysical entities the Originator created within dimensions far beyond human understanding and the physical experiments created by those entities within our dimension, life becomes a race between two divergent scientific theories.

Each nonphysical faction strives to demonstrate to the Originator the merits of its experimental theory, but neither side seems capable of fully playing by the rules, interfering in the lives of men and the creatures created on the other side of the universe in attempts to illustrate how their point of view is superior to that of the other side. As these would-be lesser gods struggle amongst themselves, trying to reason their way through extensive scientific and philosophic thought, one man on Earth is just starting to understand the powers given to him at birth.

Raised by his father, captured to be a slave in the Assyrian army, and emerging as a military leader, Talmido somewhat accidentally falls into a full-on desertion from the Assyrians and a desperate flight across the ancient landscape as he and his thousands of followers seek a place they can live as free people. At times the jumps between storylines can be difficult to follow, but with patience, the links between them can be teased out. Overall, this novel is a fascinating trip through ancient historical fiction and modern philosophical thought.

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