The Chosen One: The God Stone Trilogy
by Joaquin Lopez
Book-Art Press Solutions

"When Jack let the sword down and paid attention to what was going on around him he heard the cheering."

In this conclusion to The God Stone Trilogy, Jack is home once more in the city of Twin Falls and now the King after marrying Princess Linnie and helping the Kingdom bloom under his leadership and guidance. After founding a military academy, Jack’s eyes are on a singular goal of uniting the people and putting an end to the wars and bloodshed that have plagued the land for too long. Standing in his way are two formidable foes: Prince Willard of the Independent City—a powerful sorcerer and son of Boris and Ariel, the recently deceased leaders of the Freedom Fighters resistance against the crown—and Anjolina, Jack’s jilted ex-wife and new member of the Horde. With two dangerous foes, each with personal reasons to overthrow and end Jack, he will have to rely on all the powers of the God Stone Sword, all the harsh training he has endured, and every ally he has.

Now that Jack is established and thriving, it would be easy for this trilogy to conclude with a passing of the torch or a different kind of adventure, but fans of this story should be thrilled to know that though the story comes to a close, everything they love about the previous books is present here. A particularly satisfying choice was to use Willard and Anjie as antagonists, presenting a situation where Jack’s choices for what he chose to fight for and believe in are shown to have a negative side and not just purely good. This story concludes in a way that leaves the reader satisfied and thoroughly entertained, and while it may be the end for these books, the audience will certainly imagine a blockbuster movie adaptation. Through rich environments and complex, compelling characters, this is a journey best seen all the way to its end.

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