The Clydeside Cats
by Sandra Lane

"When her favourite music came on, Ya Yellow Cat jumped on to the dance floor. She couldn't help herself."

The Clydeside Cats are six cats who live along the River Clyde in Scotland, each with their own color, personality, and lifestyle. Though they don't know each other, they each share a passion for adventures that tends to land them in some perilous predicaments. One by one, the audience is introduced to the cats, starting with the hungry Rhuari Red Cat, the lonesome Olivia Orange Cat, and the music-loving Ya Yellow Cat. Gertie Green Cat wants someone to talk to and ends up sneaking on a boat to a faraway island, while Peter Purple Cat the firehouse cat goes on an adventure to put out a blaze. Last but not least is Bobby Blue Cat, a peculiar cat who loves tomatoes but wants to catch some fish for his more typical cat friends so he can invite them to a party.

With bright, vibrant colors and simple but heart-warming hand-drawn illustrations, young readers will be transported to Scotland to enjoy these half-dozen animal tales. Most pages of this book open up to show a full-page picture on one side and the accompanying story details on the other. Still, the words used in this book are simple enough for early readers to understand and begin reading themselves, helping children transition from audience to reader. While all mischievous in their own way, each cat's unique personality shines in their story, making every chapter exciting and enjoyable. While readers might not learn a great deal about the setting of Scotland, they will be charmed and endeared by the precocious adventures of these color-coordinated kittens. By the end of the book, it's impossible not to end up loving each of these precious, adventurous cats.

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