The Color Cycle
by Eric Peplinski

"Here is a story about colors so true, where violets, the sky, and the oceans are blue."

This first-time author’s work, which has been illustrated by his young daughter, is a celebration of the vibrant hues that grace our world according to the changing of the seasons. Peplinski’s book evokes for his young readers how the changing of the seasons brings a distinctive color palette to one’s daily life. Spring is a time of delicate greens as new leaves unfurl from twigs and small plant shoots poke their heads above the earth. Summertime brings the kaleidoscope of wildflower colors, and as summer eases into fall, the riot of oranges and scarlets of the fall foliage serves as a kind of last hurrah before the cold whites and grays of winter sets in.

The author uses a charming, poetic verse to guide readers along the course of a year. As the seasons change so too does the setting. The book begins at the oceans and seas and then moves on to the earth with its red roses and green grasses. Presumably, these pages are intended to explore springtime, as the verse then moves on to the yellow sunshine of summer before progressing to fall.

This picture book’s nature theme is one that all young children can enjoy, and sensory stimulation in the form of the different colors is an essential part of healthy childhood development. Although It would have been nice to see the content fleshed out a bit more and to be able to more clearly differentiate between spring and summer at its beginning, this is still a good introduction to the book's subject matter. Young readers should not only enjoy the rhyming sentences but also relate to the youthful artistic style of this illustrated poem.

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