The Crows of Spooky Wood: Book One
by Caroline Cutmore
AuthorHouse UK

"What if the folk searching all those years and years have been searching in the wrong place all the time?"

There are so many mysteries in Spooky Wood, including disappearing grave sites and now missing baby crows. Vlad, Mackie, and Tish, young crows whose father works in the crime-solving unit of the Special Operations Crow Service, along with their friend, Maggie, set out to solve the baffling happenings in the woods by forming the Scavenger Gang. The Scavenger Gang makes unlikely friends with a dog named Sniper who believes he knows where the missing babies are located and believes his owner has something to do with disappearances. However, when the young crows and Sniper arrive at the location, they find the unexpected: baby owls and no baby crows. Not willing to leave any babies behind, even in a blazing storm, the Scavenger Gang rescue the owls and return the babies to their mother. Will the Scavenger Gang ever find the missing baby crows, and what about the disappearing grave site they were looking for in the first place? There are still many mysteries ahead for these young crows.

Cutmore has created a thrilling and captivating problem-solving story for young readers. She combines surprising friendships with crime-fighting and mystery-solving main characters who work together to find the missing babies of Spooky Wood. Cutmore raises intrigue for her readers from the very beginning of the story when Mr. Nite, the older owl next door, tells the young crows the story of the disappearing grave site in Spooky Wood. Another conundrum is set when baby crows begin to go missing night after night without any trace. Cutmore continues to grip her young readers’ attention by leading the readers from one mystery to another throughout the entire book as The Scavenger Gang goes on a variety of adventures, leading sometimes to more questions and obstacles rather than answers.

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