The Dragon's Harvest
by Jason F. Boggs
Mill City Press

"With every step she took…she jabbed her needle-like sword into the sinews, small trickles of blood began to seep out and drip onto the black tiled floor."

Boggs’ new sci-fi novel is a sweeping, interstellar space opera with epic reach. Species collide, and blood is shed over foundation-shaking questions concerning religion and planetary conquest. The archenemy in this story is no less than the Eternal and his band of ambitious, self-serving Executors. They seek to enslave the entire universe, either through domination or destruction, as they inch ever closer to immortality. Stuck in a love triangle with the sadistic military head of the authoritarian New Era, Ira Billis, and the warrior princess Alene of the Aesini people—a race of green-furred aliens with strong legs and religious fervor—Nelson Jones, an earthling, must try to save the cosmos as well as his young daughter.

There is a lot going on in this book, including epic space battles, civil unrest, and alien romance. Fortunately, Boggs manages all of it skillfully. Science fiction readers who enjoy stories reminiscent of Flash Gordan’s adventures, yet tired of the usual tropes, will find much to like here. Ira, the obsessed and driven villainess who kidnaps Nelson’s daughter in a misguided attempt to win him back, is a fascinating character with her signature riding crop. Also, the Eternal, an extremely powerful and deluded being questing for godhood, is a great archenemy.

Although written and definitely readable as a standalone book, readers would have a better understanding of the various players in this book if they have read the author’s previous entry in this series. Despite some grammar issues, Boggs’ writing is clear and propels the plot at a quick pace through the nearly 400 pages. Science fiction fans who read this book will be looking forward to the author’s next release.

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