The Dueling Wizards of Simpletown
by Whitney Lee Preston

"Even simple prestidigitation had an element of real magic involved – card tricks where faces of the cards spoke... and any number of other functions that could be built into them by their wizardly creators!"

In three parts, the book examines the simple world of simple people who won a battle against the magical and metaphysical realm of the wizards, rendering the world boring. It left one wizard, Bartimon Montinair, and his not-so-faithful companion, Dibble, searching for another wizard. The adventure is one of connecting the wizards through Dibble’s diabolical deeds as he attempts to get Bartimon to meet the perverted dark magician, Mathesus Loton. The confusion of the wizards about their meeting makes for a wonderful romp through the goodness and badness of wizards. The story includes a lot of magical things such as musical instruments, mystical animals (including dragons), a mystical chamber pot, the influence of The Fates, and stuffed animals, or “stuffies,” especially the somehow familiar, nasty, and evil orange-haired doll. This all takes place while a duel between the wizards is in the making, and within that duel, the wackiness continues. For what is the fate, or The Fates, regarding such a battle?

Well-written, entertaining, highly creative, and laugh-out-loud funny, this is a story that will engage all ages of readers. However, it is more appropriate for young adults and adults because the writing is full of puns, sarcasm, bathroom humor, and sexual innuendo. The mysticism is engaging, as is the delightful storyline. The details are easily visualized and colorful, as is the language at times. For some, especially younger readers, the story as written is magical in itself. For others, the underlying messages are also quite witty. Yet the best part of the book is the absolute fun of reading it, for it is a wonderful way to relax, enjoy, and laugh until you cry.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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