"If men were angels, no government would be necessary."

This historical and philosophical examination of America’s governance begins by distinguishing between the classical republicanism of Thomas Jefferson and the federalism of Alexander Hamilton. Both men were “Founders and Framers” and served in the early leadership of America. Hamilton stood for elite interests and strong central government, believing that the masses would not be able to govern themselves, whereas Jefferson’s views expressed confidence in a democratic society with power divested to the states. Many Americans now feel that Hamilton’s way has prevailed—that individuals have lost the right to decide basic issues or solve basic problems for themselves owing to excessive government overreach. The question for them becomes whether to give in to the power of the group that holds the reins—since it seems to be dominating our country at this time—or wrest power away from centralized government and put it back in the hands of ordinary citizens.

Author Grams believes people can run their own lives, protect their liberties, and defend their sacred values within a civil, lawful society without heavy government intervention. The author’s theme is that “our time has come” to take back our “cherished planet.” He urges readers to run for office and vote for candidates who espouse values of self-governance. He has done extensive research on the subject matter. A retired teacher, Grams often approaches his subject as if speaking to a student, making obvious effort to ensure that the concepts introduced are thoroughly understood and examined in all aspects. His lengthy analysis of the issues includes a plethora of little-known facts as well as the full texts of documents relevant to his narrative. His prose is intelligent with occasional injections of mild humor. His ideas are sufficiently well articulated to attract readers from all points of the American political spectrum.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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