The First Christmas Day Trilogy
by David Jonathan Bradley

"The intelligent young museum director very carefully brought back to life three amazing stories."

The Christmas miracle is a story that has been celebrated and passed down through the centuries. It is a time associated with both generosity and introspection. While there has been a multitude of stories about Christmas, this book adds three unique and endearing tales to the collection. The narrative revolves around three characters who are drawn to the inn on the day when Jesus is born: an innkeeper’s son who yearns for the attention and praise of his father, a blind donkey who is trying to find worth despite being ridiculed by his siblings, and a child angel who’s looking for the perfect gift for the Son of God. The stories, though told through separate points of view, are interwoven by how each character is forever changed by their experience with both the baby Jesus and his family.

Each story’s message shows the character overcoming trials that will resonate with children: ridicule, feeling like an outsider, wanting to please loved ones, or to feel important and loved in return. These tales are also beautifully illustrated. The emotion is expertly conveyed through the drawn facial expressions as well as the scenes themselves. The color pops off the page and really gives life to the story for the reader. The artwork will definitely appeal to a young audience, even if they need the help of an adult to read the book to them or explain it so they can fully understand the story. This book is a hidden treasure for both children and parents that can be read at all times of the year. It will likely create wonderful memories to last for future Christmases in a family household.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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