"Understanding and learning to live according to the Process Way of Life will eventually lead to the ultimate goal of the program: internal balance."

Professional counselor Ruggiero has devised a unique psychological method by which anyone might find a better direction for coping with life’s challenges. In short intensive lessons, the reader can gradually absorb and utilize Ruggiero’s Process Way of Life, beginning with “Fact-Finding” and employing “Brutal Honesty” to courageously acknowledge our issues. We must control emotion and impulse; important decisions need to be founded in accuracy. A key component of Ruggiero’s method involves “Slowing Down Life’s Pace,” something that may seem difficult in our fast-paced era. We must be aware that routine can be negative, shielding us from admitting the need for change. Ruggiero offers simple steps to break free of old patterns. Fear must be overcome, so we can help and be helped by others. Once our goals are achieved, we must practice “Good Housekeeping,” always vigilant to deal with invasive “visitors” from the past.

Ruggiero has counseled both law-breakers and lawmakers, from alcohol abusers to first responders. His book is the result of years of diligent planning, which is apparent in the book’s orderly arrangement. Each useful chapter starts with “Processes to Employ” for the particular dilemma discussed, includes a realistic case study, a list of tasks titled “Time to Take Action,” a further encouragement called “Driving It Home” that highlights the reader’s “Personal Declaration,” and a final vision statement, “Onward,” leading into the next phase of the process. Ruggiero recommends that those engaged in the Process Way of Life may wish to read his book twice for a deeper grasp of the many important aspects covered. This manual is thorough; nearly every conceivable vicissitude of living is in some way addressed through Ruggiero’s process. Its content is tailor-made for workshop participants as well as individual problem solvers, all of whom will find some, if not all, of their needs addressed in it.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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