The Galician Parallax
by James G. Skinner
Matador Books

"'What do you do Doctor, when you see through all the shit out there...' Sergio wiped his eyes, 'I really mean see through it and realise that there are people, real evil people who are pulling the strings... and you just can't do anything about it?'"

The apparent suicide of a British yachtsman sets in motion a dangerous investigation that uncovers links to the international drug trade and terrorisim. When the body of Donald Simmons is found in a hotel in the Spanish city of Vigo, the discovery of possible water routes for smuggling drugs prompts Lieutenant Sergio Garcia to seek out the connections and the much sought after "Teixugo" Castro.

Young and eager, with past regrets of his father's death, Sergio eventually joins forces with honorary British Consul, Stan Bullock. What seems as a simple drug trade incident soon magnifies to something much bigger. Their investigation uncovers plots of potential terrorism directly involving the lethal organization known as Al Qaeda. As they skirt rules and regulations, Garcia and Bullock put their own lives at risk to face emerging threats in the days precluding the 2004 and 2005 Madrid and London bombings.

The Galacian Parralax is a complex, intricately plotted story that once again demonstrates the far-reaching effects of terrorism in a post-9/11 world. Rich with history, Skinner's novel addresses economic and social issues that deeply impact our society across the globe. Partly based on true, historical events, Skinner alternates between his main protagonists, his minor characters and those on the wrong side of the law, those whom Sergio calls "evil people." Skinner is sure to provide ample and intriguing facts that helps the reader understand more fully his characters' thoughts and motivations. An ex-honorary British consul in Spain, Skinner relies heavily on his own expertise to craft an exciting, naval thriller novel of the seas that fans of Tom Clancy and Dan Brown will thoroughly enjoy.

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