The Garden in the Hood
by Rebecca Crosdale
Litfire Publishing, LLC

"It is often said and heard, that it is always so beautiful there, in the garden in the hood."

A secret English garden in the hood quietly thrives throughout the year and welcomes animals, birds, and insects who arrive as its special guests. In spring, as flowers bloom in all their beauty, the garden prepares to greet birds that glide, dance, and sing. A resting frog, a wandering dog, cats, a shy rabbit, playful squirrels, turtles, and even a lost deer are all visitors at the garden. Summer arrives with blooming annual flowers, while autumn brings brown leaves, withered flowers, and rough damp mist. Winter comes last, bringing snow and icicles, and the garden waits for the sun to return in early spring, when its story can begin again.

Crosdale weaves a beautiful tale about the magnificence of nature. Through the changes in flora and fauna at the garden, the author focuses on how the arrival of the four seasons influences all lifeforms. While the spectacular colors of flowers in spring and summer bring out the bountiful side of Mother Nature, the leafless trees of autumn and the snow-covered garden of winter bring out her graceful yet fierce side. As nature displays her moods, the garden stands as a silent witness, representing a flawless world that is gorgeous, peaceful, and untainted. With all its statues, gazebo, and abundance, this majestic garden transforms into a haven for various creatures, while also being a kind of place where happiness resides.

Children will enjoy reading Crosdale’s rich descriptions of the natural world that will enable them to appreciate the rhythm of nature, and they will love learning about the activities of birds, animals, and insects. The author’s elegant writing and soothing tone make this book quite charming, while the stunning illustrations capture the liveliness and blissful calm that flow through the garden. Gentle and radiant, this book will revive the soul and touch the heart.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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