The Geek
by Jonathan Latt
GM Books

"No one who saw Gary found him intimidating, until it was too late. Even with the scar, he simply looked like someone who’d come to fix the copier. "

Fancy a giggle with your garroting? Enjoy a snarky stabbing now and then? Prefer your torture tongue-in-cheek? How about just a touch of whimsy as victims writhe in pain? If any of the aforementioned whets your appetite for appallingly unapologetic mayhem, then you’re in for the time of your life (and almost everyone else’s death) with this sublimely sordid tale of an assassin called “The Geek.”

Gary is a hired killer clandestinely financed by the CIA. He’s not to be blamed for thoroughly enjoying his work, you see, because he was brutally bullied from childhood through adolescence. Once recruited and trained, he’s become remarkably efficient at dispatching terrorists, traitors, and transgressors of all types regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. Just shy of middle age now, he’s become less enamored with his chosen profession and is seriously considering retirement. As is usually the case in these sorts of stories, his mid-life crisis is but a prelude to an astoundingly high body count.

Latt is a stylish and confident writer who fills his blood-soaked passages with just enough wit to take the edge off the continually expanding carnage. His characters, while behaving abominably, are each given enough backstory to engender varying degrees of sympathy. Quick with both a quip and a memorable quote, he makes the prosaic sound profound: such as, “I work for the United States government. I do not deal in dignity.” If you’re the type of reader not easily put off by large quantities of violence and desperation served drolly, there’s a very good chance you’ll get more than a smile or two from this devilishly sardonic thriller.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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