"Besides not buying the story about Renita, she was suspicious about the extent of my involvement in this case. My weakness for children would have been a plausible explanation."

C.J. Cavanaugh is a well known private investigator. C.J. and his partner Renita Harris are hired by a mystery client to solve the murder of Clinton Windell, but they are not allowed to tell anyone about the case. Instead, they assume a false identity, a false job so to speak, to uncover the facts. Windell has not only been brutally murdered in his home, but also was robbed of his uncut gems worth twenty million dollars. Trying to remain anonymous, C.J. and Renita must become creative and think outside the box in order to solve the case. Michael Lane's story takes readers on a thrilling ride filled with excitement, mystery, and suspense. Mystery fans haven't read a story quite like this one.

Michael Lane does a phenomenal job bringing his story to life. The author goes into great detail about everything from the first chapter. Every detail is critical to the story whether it is to set up character personality, setting, or foreshadowing what's to come. Many events occur throughout the story, but the narrative doesn't feel overloaded with information, instead creating a compelling plot with plenty of twists and turns. The characters are complex and continue to develop throughout the story. C.J Cavanaugh is the type of investigator who is willing to risk his own life to find truth and justice. Readers find themselves both loving and hating him, while Lane transforms this mystery it into an epic thrill ride.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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