The Girls Are Gone: The True Story of Two Sisters Who Vanished, the Father Who Kept Searching, and the Adults Who Conspired to Keep the Truth Hidden
by Michael Brodkorb and Allison Mann
Wise Ink Creative Publishing

"The Court and the guardian have a single goal in mind and that’s to unify these children back with their parents."

On April 19, 2013, two of David Rucki’s daughters go missing. But it’s not as simple as a runaway or kidnapping case. In the midst of a custody battle with his ex-wife Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, David believes his daughters’ disappearance is linked to their mother. How long will it take to uncover the truth?

Documenting the true case of the missing Rucki sisters, this fascinating non-fiction book takes a look at the almost-disintegration of a family, the web of people involved, and the emotional turbulence and toll of such an event that rocked Lakeville, Minnesota. Surprisingly fast-paced and engaging, the book starts by introducing readers to the Rucki family. They’re a seemingly perfect American family that ends up going through a nightmare of their own, starting with financial and family troubles. Drawing upon court transcripts, interviews, and other published media, the authors—one a paralegal on the Rucki case, the other a journalist for The Star Tribune—expertly paint a full picture of this incident, using their first-hand knowledge and experience of the case.

The book details the complicated legal court battles that preceded the daughters’ disappearance, drawing a link as to how the complicated family court drama may have led to the kidnapping. It also goes into detail about both the efforts that went on to locate the missing girls, the efforts to keep them missing, and the aftermath. The most poignant parts of the book are close to the end when the authors have a chance to interview the five Rucki children. Here the reader learns just how the family situation and girls’ kidnapping impacted each child. Whether the reader is familiar with the Rucki case or has an interest in missing persons cases, this book is sure to shed light into one of the most recent, complicated cases of the last five years.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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