The God of the Bible Vol. I
by Rev. Leo Kuykendall
Pageturner Press and Media

"This book does not take the place of the Bible. It should be used along side of the Bible."

Author Kuykendall has created a vast catalog of the instances of the mention of God in the Bible, which include references to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and angels (seraphim and cherubim, but not, the author makes plain, Satan). It includes as well all pronouns used to acknowledge God in scripture, such as "I," "He," "Thy," "Thine" and the like. This volume incorporates biblical text from the book of Genesis to the book of Isaiah. In introductory listings, Kuykendall gives fifty-one definitions of Jesus Christ as found in scripture—from The Anointed to The Word—and notes prophecies concerning the Messiah that Jesus fulfilled from birth to his death. Also included are Hebrew names for God and the pronunciations for such names. Once the main listings begin, they are offered by chapter and verse, from the creation of heaven and earth in Genesis, through the lives of great ones such as Moses and Noah, and the praises and promises of prophets and the psalmists.

Kuykendall is a devout pastor with many years of experience. He believes that through his exhaustive researching of God's names and the many ways they are presented in scripture, a sincere reader will begin to "see God in all his attributes." This wish is supported by his deep scanning of the biblical text to include every possible reference to the deity and divine beings. In this volume, there are thousands of references—2,788 in Psalms, for example, and 1,196 in Isaiah. The author has also added endnotes with further listings to clarify and quantify each of the twenty-three books in this aggregation. It would be difficult to imagine a more comprehensive collection. Kuykendall is to be admired for taking on this remarkable task, which will doubtless touch sincere Bible students who will benefit from his thoughtful contributions.

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