The Guardians of Israel
by John M. Coyle
Trafford Publishing

"Gregory awoke to an unimaginable pain. He tried to beg for his life, but his pleas could not be heard through the tape on his mouth."

Hate is at the center of this novel that explores a series of murders committed by a collection of white extremists with a distorted view of history, religion, and their place in the grand scheme of life. These malcontents see the United States as the New Jerusalem and the Adamic bloodline as the true descendants of Israel. Therefore, they view their pursuit and annihilation of tainted-blood, non-Caucasian individuals as not only fun but also God’s work. Their demented reasoning extends to behavioral types as well, so they soon embark on a series of murders of homosexuals.

Sully is a California cop who has been exposed to all sorts of foul play over the years. But when a veteran police officer (and longtime friend) is found ritualistically slain in a manner similar to the recent serial killings of gays, Sully takes a very personal interest in putting a stop to the murders. What follows is an intricate look at how local police, dedicated crime units, and even the FBI work together to track down the perpetrators.

Author Coyle meticulously details the steps involved in attempts to catch the killers. He takes readers through the various levels of authority concerned, the responsibilities of each, and the cooperation needed to achieve success. His is not a dry dissertation on police procedures alone, however. He manages to spice up his narrative with mayhem and brutality on the part of the bad guys and graphic marital intimacy between Sully and his wife. Crime aficionados who enjoy mental machinations above the neck and physical interaction below the waist will find both in this engaging tale.

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