The Harvest Helper Organic Gardening For Vegetables
by Kathleen B. deMaCarty
ErinCo Marketing and Publishing

"Organic gardening is easy, you just have to have a little information. This book gives you lots of information."

Taking the reader carefully by the hand, deMaCarty has included everything a person could need to know to create one's own organic vegetable farm or garden. Perfect for beginners, or even experts who want to learn more about organic farming or try growing a new vegetable, this book includes easy-to-navigate and understandable language about not only when and how to plant 30 different types of vegetables but also includes information and instructions for dealing with pests and diseases, starting and transplanting seedlings, and more.

Altogether, this is a fantastic reference for anyone who would love to produce their own vegetables. No matter what type of vegetable one is planning to grow, these instructions will give the reader the confidence needed to go into the process with knowledge of the basics, important details, and how to translate that knowledge into other things. For instance, starting a successful garden requires knowledge of the frost dates, and the book gives instructions about how to calculate the dates for the reader’s specific location. This guide is incredibly comprehensive and so can be helpful for any level of gardener, from beginner through expert.

Anyone who has considered organic gardening or who has wanted to have a successful vegetable harvest will need this excellent reference on hand. Approachable, informative, and accessible, this book takes one by the hand and into the world of gardening. Picking this book up is sure to make readers want to grow their own vegetables, and, more importantly, it gives them the tools they need to do it well.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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