"'I think we should send a forward party, shake the Uglies up a bit. Then the full assault will be an extra whammy.'"

After the events of Into Another Dimension, Gemma and Edward Hathaway return from their journey to the dimension of Picturedurmia to the relief of their parents. However, it isn’t long before the president of a race known as Translators asks the siblings for their help. The Translators have had hundreds of their kind living among the humans of Earth to study them, but recently they have begun to disappear mysteriously. Together with their drone-like Futuristicator Will, the young Translator Dash, and a street child by the name of Cliff, the Hathaways discover a portal hidden in a defunct subway station that leads to a dimension full of intelligent, bipedal dogs. They admit to recruiting outsiders to their dimension but insist that none are held against their will. But why then are the Translators on record in that dimension missing, and what’s happened to Cliff?

The Hathaways have an almost superhero-like existence due to their young age and the danger of their missions. For every incredible adventure they have exploring through foreign dimensions, they must go to great lengths to avoid the protection of their concerned family. This conflict sets up lots of tension and time limits as they must cook up inventive new excuses and lies to leave the house and also return home before they’re missed. There are a few instances of language that younger readers have probably heard on TV shows and movies already but that parents should be aware of. The exuberance of the main party keeps the adventure bubbly and moving forward despite sometimes terrifying obstacles or stakes. Standing on the borders of science fiction, fantasy, and young adult books, this book should have its readers ready to commit to the entire series by its end.

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