The House on Seventh Street
by Karen Vorbeck Williams
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"Looking back on the past to his failures made him uncomfortable, but sometimes those things rudely pushed into his mind and before he knew it, he would linger there for a time. Henry knew he had not been much of a father to those girls."

An engaging story with a fascinating mystery and metaphysical insights, we are taken through the lives of five generations, with the focus on Winna, the granddaughter of Juliana and Edwin, the daughter of Nora and Henry, the mother of Emily, the grandmother of Isabelle, and the sister of Chloe. Winna returns home to Colorado from New Hampshire after the death of her father to settle his estate, for Chloe was written out of her father's will. Working her way through her grief of a divorce, the loss of her father, and a budding relationship with her estranged sister, Winna has a sense of foreboding in Henry's house. She discovers secret letters which relate to a mystery regarding Juliana, a secret love, and unexplained jewelry. Winna, who is now quite wealthy, is being stalked, experiencing odd events and accidents, and is unsure of whom to trust except for her daughter, as old and new friends and family members are suspects.

This is an exquisitely written novel, both in the story line and in the depth and creativity of the writing. Utilizing historical information as a background along with the numerous twists in the facts and memories of a lifetime for each of the characters, Williams writes a novel that is unique, troubling, and outright spell-binding. It slowly ambles through the stories of love and hate and fear and faith. The author demonstrates a passion within the ebb and flow of the prose.The depth of the characters, the beauty and awe-inspired descriptions, and the mysteries within this mystery will engage the reader from the beginning to end. The ending is a surprise on more than one level and is a startling revelation and conclusion to the story. This is a novel that should not be missed.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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