The Incredible Investment Book
by Chuck Salisbury
LitFire Publishing

"The bottom line: gold is for wearing, not for investing. The people who make money in commodities are the brokers, not the investors!"

Turn on the television for five minutes, and you’ll no doubt see a commercial about selling gold, a show about flipping beat-up houses onto the market, or a financial guru picking hot stocks. But if all of these things are sure-fire successes, why are so few people making a living with them? Drawing on decades of experience both as a power broker and a real estate professional, the author of this book shares his expertise on what the true and most secure investments in America are. Outlining the very same plan he used to make his fortune (and flagging the early mistakes he made lest they are repeated), Salisbury shows readers how to use this guide to invest wisely without a huge nest egg, setting themselves up for retirement, family planning, and financial stability.

The author uses a variety of styles to teach his readers about his investment strategy, including motivational speaking, direct data, and hypothetical market performance. While getting involved in the real estate business may prove not to be feasible for every reader, the book proves just as valuable in de-bunking a number of get-rich-quick or “safe money” myths that are embedded parts of American society. Taking on everything from mutual funds to probate sales, the author makes a clear argument for a number of traditional investments. Readers who are looking for a roadmap for their future will learn all about real estate, property management, and, in this edition, life insurance settlements. The conviction in this text is backed up by market trends, simple math, and an extensive career in the industries the author both endorses and exposes, respectively.

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