The Journey of Uncovery
by Abiyah Reinha Alexanda de Carvalho
AuthorHouse UK

"…our a discovery channel. Whatever; is done in the dark does not remain in the dark; GOD brings it to light."

This memoir by an Angolan-born author is both warm and sad. Lucianna (fictional name) is the daughter of parents whose life values were polar opposites due to very different backgrounds. Her mother was born outside of Angola and had financial means of her own. This sparked jealousy from both the father and his family. While Lucianna’s father attended church claiming to believe, he secretly practiced witchcraft. Religious convictions made the mother willing to let God settle injustices to herself and her children by that side of the family.

During the civil war in Angola, Lucianna’s family fled to Paris when she was nine. Her father’s reputation for military service helped them escape. He was highly respected among relatives and friends, but his family knew a darker side. He ruled the house with an iron will, was unfaithful to his wife who supported them financially, and cursed and abused the oldest son (two years senior to Lucianna). The family eventually relocated to England. The author tells of her teenage school days and lack of true friends. From her earliest years, however, Lucianna had a vision for her life. Her supportive mother and a personal faith in Jesus Christ helped accomplish those goals.

While her memoir is not devoid of certain stylistic and grammatical issues, writing it was a brave step for the author since her life circumstances are still not ideal. Her youthful confidence in the protection promised as a believer in Jesus Christ has produced boldness to uncover the life of lies her family endured.

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