The Kabul Conspiracy: A Carmela Buenasuerte Case
by Jesse E Corralez
Trafford Publishing

"'You are a Bedouin calling from the Syrian Desert using a satellite telephone to tell me that two Afghanistan men that live here in British Columbia are going to assassinate the President of the United States…'"

From the far side of the world to the Pacific Northwest and back again, the plot of this novel often stretches the bounds of credulity—obviously for fun’s sake. The characters are quirky. Situations are often played for laughs. You don’t really believe what you’re reading, but you want to keep going just to find out what happens next.

The government of Afghanistan is in a tizzy because the U.S. President seems intent on pulling all American troops from their country. That would mean the loss of billions of dollars generated by the presence of the Yanks and their allies. Thus, a secret plan is hatched to kill the American President. The secret is uncovered, however, so a new plan is put in place to stop the assassins before they have the opportunity to complete their assignment. Eventually, the U.S. President actually winds up in Afghanistan where he’s captured by Taliban leader Mullah Omar who seeks to extract a ransom for his release. Will the original assassins continue with their mission? Will the President be rescued? Will Afghanistan lose a major source of income? Answers are ultimately provided.

This is the latest installment in author Corralez’s series featuring private investigator Carmela and her husband Shawn. She’s a hot Latin and he’s an Irish cop. The pace of this novel is slam-bang, and the plot twists are fast and furious. The prose makes for satirical storytelling, and the dialogue is duly conversational. To summarize, this is a tale told with the tongue firmly in cheek. Reader response is likely to vary based on the elasticity of one’s willing suspension of disbelief and the susceptibility of one’s sense of humor.

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