The Kittridge Manuscript
by Don Meyer
Two Peas Publishing

"...little did I know the magnitude of what we would encounter just trying to sort this all out... well, let me tell you. I couldn't begin to guess what Kittridge did or didn't know and it certainly would have been interesting to see how he would have reacted to what we ultimately found."

Vietnam veteran and widower Jeff Morgan inherits a mysterious manuscript from former platoon member, Robert Kittridge, who recently died from cancer. Reluctantly, Jeff accepts the manuscript and his new task of completing what Kittridge was unable to finish before his death. Morgan is affected by Kittridge's request in part because of his death from cancer, which rekindles the memories of his own wife, recently lost to cancer. The task of completing the manuscript symbolizes a small measure for Morgan to honor both Kittridge and his beloved wife.

The manuscript itself seemingly details Kittridge's family history during the latter years of the Civil War. As Morgan begins his research he quickly uncovers information that pertains to a particular day during his Vietnam tour that directly affects him, Kittridge, and other former members of the same platoon. With the aid of beautiful, but stern Professor Lori Hathaway, the two work together amid a budding romance to unravel the mystery surrounding the manuscript before shady persons try to stop Morgan from completing the manuscript so that its secret never sees the light of day.

Award-winning author Don Meyer's The Kittridge Manuscript is a page turning tale of American history, political intrigue, mystery, and noir. Jeff Morgan, a quiet man who enjoys his decaf coffee and Vodka, becomes an unlikely hero who finds love again in a story linking together two significant wars of America's past. Meyer's novel is something reminiscent of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol, with a unique twist of history and mix of with romance and political thriller. Meyer keeps you guessing until the end when you discover its final revelation that alters history as we know it forever.

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