The Knotties with Knots of Fun
by Philip Turner & Natalie Manning
illlustrated by Jessie Emmerson

"By the power of the electric lightning charge, little rope men began to form and the Knotties were brought to life!"

From superhero origin story to daring rescue, this book is full of action! During a lightning storm, a stick is struck by lightning and enters a garden shed where it lands on colored rope, creating the Knotties, little men made out of knotted rope. Two little knot men soon hear someone calling for help and begin a daring rescue to prevent a third knotted man from falling into a dangerous can of paint. As they utilize the tools around them, they recognize the new bits and bobs that will follow them into their future adventures.

This imaginative book features text on one page with a full-page, corresponding image on the next, ensuring that the text is easily readable. The illustrations will appeal to young readers with bright colors on a dark background and adorable, cartoonish characters. With many details, vibrant colors, and beautiful graphics, the illustrations are perfectly suited to the story and bring the text to life. The Knotties and their names (i.e. What Knot, Why Knot, and Will Knot) will endear themselves to readers through this fun story and lovely illustrations. With descriptive yet simple text, the storyline appeals to a preschool and elementary audience who will easily engage with these valiant heroes and their bold rescue. Emotions and actions are laid out in the text with the right amount of dialogue to convey this fun story. Dramatic and exciting, this is a delightful read that can capture the imagination with clever characters and a daring rescue! Body.


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