The Little Brown Bear
by Judy Anne
Xlibris AU

"Then Little Brown Bear reminded them all that just because someone was different didn’t mean they were not nice."

The Brown Bear Family moves into a village where only yellow bears live, and Little Brown Bear starts at the village school. The students look at him strangely and refuse to play with him. The school’s lights go out, and Little Brown Bear tells another student that he likes playing ball, doing puzzles, and drawing. The other bear agrees that he also likes doing those things, so he asks Little Brown Bear to be his friend. The friend tells Little Brown Bear that even though they look different, they still like the same things. The next day, a family of white bears moves in, and Little White Bear starts at the school. The students look at him funny, and Little Brown Bear reminds them that just because the new student is different does not mean he is not nice. From that day on, each new bear is accepted.

Many readers will not only relate to Little Brown Bear being the new and different kid in school and feeling left out but will also be optimistic about the kindness of children when Little Brown Bear’s classmate agrees to play with him. The author demonstrates the impact one person’s kindness can have on the whole community by pointing out that the new families teach new traditions to the bear families. The story will likely evoke happy childhood memories when Little Brown Bear talks about the activities he enjoys such as playing ball, doing puzzles, and drawing. Anne presents a heartwarming story of the welcoming nature of children and the positive, inclusive impact it can have on a community. And when a new bear starts at the school, Little Brown Bear, who was once new himself, reminds the children to find the good in the newcomer.

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