The Little Rainbow Dragon: And 17 More Colour Stories
by Marion Ireland and Margaret Lewer

"All the other dragons watched in amazement as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple flames formed a giant arch right across the sky."

This colorful collection of stories begins with a dragon who is very different from all the others. While the other dragons change colors with the season, he does not. Some dragons bully and tease him, which makes him feel sad about being different, but he soon discovers being different is amazing. By being unique, he can create rainbows in the sky. Leading with the rainbow anecdote, the stories continue with each color having a varying story. For example, red is a story of race cars, sunburns, and strawberries. The colors contained in this anthology include all the colors of the rainbow plus eight other colors found in the world around us: white, black, gray, pink, turquoise, silver, gold, and brown.

Ireland and Lewer have created a treasury of stories that teach children more about the distinctive, vivid colors we see around us every day. The authors certainly understand teaching methods for young children as each holds a degree in early childhood and primary school education from Sydney Teachers College. Being teachers, each author developed a love of literature which is evident in this collection of stories that is designed to be read to children as well as readable for young children due to age-appropriate tone and wording. Each story also has an alluring plot, letting children identify and build upon all the individual stories read from the collection. Not only do the relatable stories teach about colors, many also carry an underlying lesson. For example, the stories teach about bullying, feelings of self-worth, love of family, friendship, nature, exploration, illness, overcoming fear, and caring for pets. Ireland and Lewer have composed a set of intriguing and engaging short stories that are sure to attract the attention of their young readers.

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