The Lonely Dinosaur
by Kacy Baker
Author Reputation Press

"But this was no ordinary dinosaur egg . . ."

A T-Rex baby dinosaur who has just hatched from his egg is lonely and sad. There seems to be no other dinosaur anywhere with whom he can play baseball. Nor is there anyone else with whom to fly a kite. The T-Rex even tries running a race but, as Baker writes, winning “first place wasn’t fun without someone in second.” With no other dinosaurs anywhere in sight, our T-Rex wants more than anything another dinosaur to be his friend. As the reader turns to the last page, there is quite a surprise for both the dinosaur and the reader. And it’s shown in the illustration, without any need for words.

This colorful little children’s book would be wonderful to share with the very young. Babies, toddlers, and preschool-age children are sure to find the young T-Rex character enjoyable. He is endearingly illustrated in bright blue, having hatched from his equally bright blue egg with thick, bright-red zigzag stripes. It is clear the author has created a unique and fun little children’s book, which is sure to please and is meant to be shared with a young loved one, either snuggled up before bedtime or with several children, such as during preschool or library storytime activities. Because the book is short and uses relatively few words—as the pictures tell the story almost as much, if not more than, the text—one could easily imagine a young child excited to have a parent or caregiver share Baker’s book over and over again. In fact, it quite possibly might become a new favorite. And the fact that turning to the final page reveals a surprise ending is simply delectable icing on the already-yummy cake.

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