"There's much more fun in store, with all these friends and more. M.B. has fun at the zoo and you can join him too!"

R.E. Tegtmeier, M.D. has composed a singsong read aloud children's book that features his son, M.B., and is based on stories the author told his son as he was growing up. Interestingly, the author's text reads similar to Dr. Seuss books that adults can read aloud to children and children can read silently to themselves or out loud. In Book 1 of this series, M.B. goes to the zoo on "The Very Frightful Day" where he meets his friend, Juck. As they walk around the zoo, the two friends greet various animals when suddenly everything goes quiet. A lion has escaped from his cage and leaps before M.B. and Juck. M.B. is paralyzed by fear while Juck flies away to find help. Next enters the Lop-Eared Frizzel Frop who saves the day (and M.B.) by rolling down the hill and knocking over the lion who ends up back in his cage. The story concludes with an impromptu party featuring strawberries and cream.

Readers will appreciate the multi-use possibilities of this slim text. The author has left a considerable amount of space color-free so that young readers can color throughout. Perhaps a distraction to the narrative, the book is divided into three distinct parts: a description of the "Lop-Eared Frizzel Frop," the central story of "The Very Frightful Day," and finally "Thee Playful Days" where other fictional animals are introduced. The singsong method of writing is also engaging and a sure draw to children who are learning to read and find that rhyming assists them in this endeavor.

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