The Magic Stones
by Grandma Nor

"You see, when a fairie is sad and cries, the tears turn to stone."

Randi McKinnon, aka Grandma Nor, creates charming stories that are embellishments of the tales she heard as a child growing up in her native Norway. As popular Scandinavian folklore often incorporates the elements of a natural environment interlaced with mythical beings and unusual occurrences, The Magic Stones clearly showcases that heritage.

Friends Molly and Pete are off on a venture in search of a cave that both their fathers have talked about. With backpacks and a flashlight they explore the depths of the found rock cavern, while wisely leaving a Hansel and Gretel paper trail to help find their way back. At the heart of this grotto they soon discover a garden of magical fairies who survive on flower nectar and have lived at peace with an old dragon. One year in this realm is equal to one hundred human years. The fairies can also stop time and make these youngsters forget what happens in the cave. Back at home, Molly discovers some beautiful pebbles in her pocket. She has no recollection of how they got there. With the help of some invested jewelers, ultimately these stones become a life-changing source of good fortune for Molly, Pete, and their families.

This book is enhanced with colorful artwork by Jan Michael Vincent Sy. From the rolling hills and mountain vista to the darkened cave dwelling with its surprising array of sparkling flowers and delicate creatures, the images help translate the visual sense of place for this easily followed storyline. This is an imaginary tale that heightens the magic of childhood beliefs. It is a fine blend of old-fashioned storytelling and European tradition that harkens back to a simpler time revealing joyful entertainment.

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