The Making of Mr Irresistible
by Larry J Gould
AuthorHouse UK

"That money was for you to have, not for you to spend!"

From rags to riches via sweat equity describes the author's journey in a nutshell. This memoir walks readers through Gould's own manmade miracle called success. The author describes his dirt poor existence, living in public housing and selling his comics to get a sixpence ice cream cone like the other kids had rather than the fourpence cone he could normally afford. He explains the character-building misfortunes, the mistakes he makes along the way, the fears, insecurities, and gumption it takes to be an entrepreneurial success story. He writes about his work ethic that develops and the success that ensues.

An admirable viewpoint from the author is that even though he didn't attend university, when receiving his honorary doctorate he said to the other graduates, "You have this great You have a way of thinking and a lens through which to view the world that I don't have. So, I urge you not to waste this gift..." To Gould's credit, he fully recognizes the value of education.

Though Gould has several gems to share about life, sales, change, and cultures, readers may find it most notable from his writing that, for some, there is a seemingly primal connection between work identity and self-esteem. He writes, "If I quit working, will I still be desirable? I had gained wealth, but I had lost power, direction, and interest. It didn't make me feel very sexy." His autobiography is inspirational, as intended, but it is also simply good writing. The author's writing style is fluid, and he comes off as honest, likable, and sincere. Readers will likely admire Gould as he shares his path to success with them, ultimately agreeing that, indeed, he is Mr. Irresistible.

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