The Medusa Enigma
by Dino Panvini, M.D.

"They wanted to destroy me, but I had finally had enough."

A dedicated medical doctor and pioneer in urological surgery, Italian-born Panvini recounts his recent years as “paranoid and fearful, living like a hunted man.” For more than a decade, he is trapped by dangerous legal machinations in his fight against a vicious circle of people attempting to ruin his career and, literally, end his life. He recalls the once happy marriage with Chelsea that soon turns sinister, the audacity of his colleagues and their blatant disregard for the sanctity of life with blackmail and assassination attempts, of his two children turned against him and the rebuilding of their relationship, and the near-death experience which brings a clarity that enables him in his tireless endeavor to survive.

Written with eye-opening detail, Panvini presents his story, pieced together by his fragmented memory, witness accounts, legal and medical evidence, and media reports. This total unraveling of his life is only stopped by the support of a few close friends and his own perseverance. Throughout, he touches on the complexities of identity and memory, juxtaposes the nuances of the medical and legal professions, and depicts a breathtaking chronicle of good versus evil. We ride along with Panvini as he attempts to understand and make sense of what has happened to him with the occurrence of each exceptional event. It is at times unimaginable and vivid.

Complete with a compelling title (which Panvini references and explains later) and gripping facts and recollection—including a particularly harrowing chapter on the deeply haunting effects of 9/11—Panvini’s book is fast-paced and reads like a thriller novel with high-drama and riveting characters. Now resilient and transformed, he is a survivor beginning the long road to recovery. This book is a small step in the reclamation of his reputation and name.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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