The Muiread
by Luke Taylor

"Tears streaked Grizel's cheeks, cold scars even as she blinked them away. The Realmsplitter had taken the field."

A mysterious wanderer is dispatched by his warlord to retrieve his estranged daughter who lives a peaceful life in a sleepy country town. Initially not interested in the stranger, his quest, or her father, Ivy MacHue agrees to join the wanderer with the condition that they save her friend in a nearby city from a gang of assassins. The detour puts the wanderer directly in harm's way and allies the group with a mysterious and secretive man named Cian who can wield the power of magic. Cian offers his assistance as well, but with his own price: one that fulfills prophecies, heralds an encroaching age of darkness, and reveals the unlikely and famous identity of the wanderer. Outed as the Realmsplitter, a Mythic who has fought in more than 10,000 battles and lived for 3,000 years, the wanderer must gather an army for a gruesome fight with the Ageless Evil and all of its minions, or else the world faces a new age of extinction and death.

Following in many of the traditions of classic fantasy, this book offers all the key elements of an adventure; from the wandering party's travels through the countryside to battles with centaurs, hellhounds, and other mythical creatures. One of the features that makes this story's world come to life is the way that the author has captured various tongues and dialects, presenting them in a way that carries over flawlessly into the imagination. The lore is deep, and this book only opens a planned trilogy, but it never becomes so weighty that it encumbers the story or grows dull. There are plenty of battles and action to keep readers glued for one more chapter over and over. Fans of fantasy, swords, and sorcery will have a new book series to be excited about after spending just a short time with this tale.

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