The Music Therapy Profession: Inspiring Health, Wellness, and Joy
by Christine Korb
PageTurner Press and Media LLC

"Music therapy is a calling of the soul’s deepest longing."

Ideal for individuals considering a career in music therapy, this book walks the reader through the basics surrounding music therapy and the relevant education. Korb discusses why people become therapists, the application/schooling process, what the typical practice might look like, and even discusses the future of the profession. Along with the more didactic overview of these and similar topics, Korb has also compiled essays from students, trainees, and professionals that add a truly personal touch.

The essays feature some heartfelt and profound sentiments around music therapy that make this book a pleasure to read, even if you are not in the profession. While no session could be considered typical, and each patient may have different treatment plans, the essays which describe some of the experiences of professionals are absolutely touching and display the depth and potential of the career to help patients.

Whether a reader is considering music therapy as a career path or just interested in learning more about music therapy, this book is a great place to start. From the basics to more complex ideas around the profession, Korb has compiled a guide that is both practical and heartfelt. The elegance of the essays has broad appeal for readers of many backgrounds and truly brings a personal touch to a practical guide. With applications for many disorders and patients, music therapy is a combination of a passion for music and a desire to help others. Anyone considering this profession should strongly consider picking up this informative and engaging read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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