"After yelling ‘Bigfoot!’ these creatures jumped up, and I snapped the picture."

While living in Louisiana in the remote rural region of Iatt Lake in the Kisatchie National Forest, author/photographer Hollis began to sense strange happenings in the woods around him, beginning with spying a huge black arm reaching out of the woods to grab a deer. He heard knocking noises like the sound of a club beating on a tree. After photographing a huge footprint encountered in the wilderness, he began snapping shots of places near home and farther afield where he felt the presence of strange figures. He was intrigued to discover their shadowy forms on his photos. He believes that the creatures communicate telepathically and make their presence known to him because they sense he means them no harm. Convinced he has a knack for photographing the legendary Bigfoot or Sasquatch creatures, he created this remarkable collection of pictures with an accompanying text describing the circumstances of each sighting.

Hollis has convinced many skeptics of the reality of weird creatures through his diligent photographic explorations. His mostly color pictures show these beings emergent in many natural surroundings. They range from small, dark-haired animals to huge humanoid figures, male and female, full-grown and babies, some apelike, others sleek and feline, roaming in the undergrowth, catching fish in a stream, or perched on a rocky cliff face. Adventurous, sometimes humorous narratives support each picture. He concludes by acknowledging that a certain percentage of people will not discern the creatures in the photos he presents while reminding his readers that the lore concerning such mysterious beings reaches across the earth through many cultures, both ancient and modern. His collection, gleaned over several years, may convince many of the presence of these creatures among us, providing an enjoyable sample of their variety and possibly inspiring others to try to capture similar visual images.

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