The Origin of Disease: The War Within
by Carolyn Merchant, JD and Christopher Merchant, MD

"The medical history should include a detailed and extensive history of pets, and the degree of close contact with pets."

Disease is an inevitability. No matter how healthy your lifestyle and habits or how well you take care of yourself, everybody gets sick sometimes. When you get sick, a doctor usually prescribes medicine to treat the symptoms and get the patient through until they are well. But what can you do to avoid getting sick in the first place? What actually causes a person to become ill, and can anything be done to avoid chronic, long-term illnesses that just seem to happen at random? In this examination of disease, the authors identify a pattern of the root causes of chronic illnesses and what can be done to fight maladies that many medical professionals just say happen and have to be lived with.

Containing exciting information and thought, this book could help people find ways to improve or avoid diseases and conditions that can dramatically alter a life. Opening with a biographical look at how the Merchants came to their understanding of disease and their compulsion to get the information out into the hands of people who can use it, a groundwork is laid that tells the reader how the authors think and analyze information. Taking time to explain infections and how they relate to a myriad of conditions, plenty of studies both accepted and groundbreaking back up the ideas contained in every chapter.

For many people, medical books can be a hard hurdle to jump. But this book is written in an accessible style and format, and contains information useful to the layperson, not just medical professionals, though it certainly has value there. Choosing the cause and the proactive approach over a reactionary one, this book challenges a lot of the accepted thinking in Western medicine, but all truly impactful ideas have to shatter the old to move the method forward.

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