The Participant Principle
by Maya Middlemiss
U P Publications

"...but try finding 9 men who a) regard themselves as poorer drivers, and b) actually want to come and discuss that fact in a group of other men..."

Middlemiss is the Managing Director of Saros Research in the United Kingdom and Casslar Consulting SL in Spain. When it comes to recruiting individuals to participate in market research, the lady knows her stuff. Unlike some business books that promise a lot and provide little, this one avoids jargon and is chock full of practical information that can be put to use virtually immediately. The author writes in a clear, candid manner that is not without a charming turn of phrase here and there. She uses actual experiences from her multi-year career of finding thousands of individuals to provide responses and opinions to all sorts of marketers in search of what their target audience really thinks.

Middlemiss breaks her book into different sections that will enable researchers and marketers anywhere along the seniority chain to select the subject area that’s most important to them. It covers such ground as the role of recruiting, briefing one’s recruiter, different ways of working with recruiters, various aspects of screening, qualitative and quantitative needs, as well as database building, usage, and more. Taken as a whole, her volume can also serve as a valuable guide to anyone seeking to improve not simply their research recruiting, but also their overall marketing, advertising, and promotion.

Too often, when businesses don’t get the results they are hoping for, they blame it on marketing. Then marketing blames it on advertising, and advertising blames it on research, and research blames it on recruiting. Middlemiss’ book provides smart, sensible, actionable ways to get the initial recruiting step right—which is much more likely then to make the decisions that follow the most effective they can be.

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