The Patent Jungle: The Inventor's Friendly User Guide
by Leon Cooper
90 Day Wonder Publishing

"That seems to be the essence of the American spirit, that there's always a less costly way, a better way, and lately, a greener way..."

Confused about the difference between trade secrets and trademarks? Not sure whether you need a utility, design, or plant patent? This is the right book for you. Cooper offers a succinct overview of patents and how to obtain them. His easy-to-understand language and straightforward approach is ideal for beginning inventors who aren't sure which step to take next to turn their visions into realities. Readers will gain valuable advice on how to consider their patent applications in light of the possible challenges to the patent's validity. (Is it useful? Is it new? Is it non-obvious?) Cooper provides a solid introduction to many of the aspects of navigating the so-called patent jungle, from conducting a patent search to troubleshooting rejected applications to understanding "patent trolls." As someone who has first-hand experience sorting through the bureaucracy of patent applications (Cooper invented the Smoke Detector Tester), the author is well-situated to lend readers an insider's view of the process.

Readers should be mindful that some material in this book may be subject to change, such as the schedule of fees for patent applications. Use this book for a thorough grounding in the subject, but be sure to look up the current fee schedule before you build your budget. Along with the clear explanations, one of this book's strengths is attributable to Cooper's writing style. The author manages to take an incredibly dry subject and make it engaging with dynamic and occasionally colorful language. This book isn't likely to be the only resource that a serious inventor will consult on the subject of patents, but it is an excellent starting point.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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