The Power Master
by Hazel Richardson

"Opening the door, Edag found himself looking at the sergeant in charge of the syfes and two burly civilians, who were carrying a large chest between them."

When the world is in turmoil and the rulers and peasants a like need someone with great power to help them battle creatures of nightmare and great power, they call upon Power Master Tarker and his krawk companion Kok. Tarker and his companion lend aid to Al Dron and his kingdom to rescue Al Dron's kidnapped son and protect the population from being enslaved. With the aid of the Power Mistresses, great healers, Tarker and his companions will find themselves face to face with their deadliest foes. Tarker and the others discover what they are capable of accomplishing as their powers and abilities are tested.

There are a lot of points in the story where Richardson holds the reader captive. At other times, the story is filled with so much description that it slows the pace. The dialogue, however, models realistic patterns of speech. The glossary at the beginning of the book is helpful with some of the terms used throughout the book. Some characters lack depth, failing to reach beyond their purpose for the story. Revealing a lot of potential, The Power Master contains elements that are original and unique to Richardson, even as it models a classic tale of good versus evil. The end wraps the story up well without leaving the reader with too many questions. Overall, this is a good story in need of some fine tuning.

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