The Power of Love
by Clark Selby
Trafford Publishing

"The aide and a nurse came into Ann's room and the nurse confirmed something that Chance already knew, that his love was gone."

Chance and Ann have been married since they were kids, and as their 50th wedding anniversary approaches, Ann's health takes a serious turn for the worse. Ann has dealt with various health issues her whole life, but when Chance is in Korea on business, he gets a phone call from his son that Ann has an aneurysm that she may not survive. Hearing this, Chance boards flight after flight to get home and see his wife for what he fears may be the last time. While Ann survives, her body continues to degrade, culminating in her becoming paralyzed from the waist down. Chance is willing to do anything for Ann, so he retires from his job and takes care of her full-time, though he begins to worry about how much time the two of them may have left together.

This title shares a number of similarities with the author's previous book, Together Forever, though it is not explicitly related. Both books focus on the love between Chance and Ann, a couple married young and determined to make their love survive no matter the odds, and so naturally both books are very romantically focused. A key difference in this title is that it focuses almost entirely on love in old age, and addresses serious issues of what someone has to go through when the only love they've ever known passes away. Chance's support for his wife even in the hardest of times and his search for adventure and new experiences as a widower push the book forward in the second half and provide new hope even in the darkest of hours. Fans of romance and love stories will be drawn to this tale of love, loss, and how romance can appear in unexpected places.

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