The Princess and the Little Man
by Tim Ronald O

"All the angry goblins had been destroyed, captured or turned into butterflies."

Gerard is an obedient servant of the crone Judith—that is, until the silver mare Abigail tricks him into falling into the Null River, which cancels the spell the crone had placed on him. The mare and other creatures of the forest convince Gerard to help them save the Lake Mab. Princess Christy wonders about the world beyond her Kingdom of Ordinarius, and when her dragon flies away, she chases after it and begins a thrilling journey. In the meantime Prince Ron is traveling the land and comes in contact with Princess Christy. They soon find themselves in a battle between Illustris, Ordinarius, and the Evil Crone Forest. The two young royals quickly discover the truths that lie within the forest—truths that will change their lives.

The Princess and the Little Man by Tim Ronald O is a beautiful fairy tale that will enchant children everywhere. There are some things that need to be reworded to make them flow better and correct some readability issues, but overall the story was an enjoyable read. It has everything that makes a great story great: dragons, old witches casting curses, princesses and princes, talking forest creatures, and an epic quest to save the land. Readers are provided with a cast of characters that are interesting and will bring a smile on your face. It is a great book for readers growing in their reading skills. The words are easy to comprehend. It would also make for a wonderful bedtime story that will leave kids asking for it time and time again.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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