The Professor, the Fencer, and the Lady Billionaire
by Geoff Essex Smith

"Reed closed the door and locked it. He kept on his dress shirt, tie, and socks, but got out of everything else. Darren kicked off his flip-flops and sank to his knees on the thick carpet."

Welcome to the world of billionaires, where what happens behind closed office and penthouse doors stays there… usually. The Professor, the Fencer, and the Billionaire leads readers through the lives of a group of straight and gay men with an abundant supply of money and time on their hands. When long-time couple Reed and Erick are invited to live with a mysterious lady billionaire for a while—with an impressive stipend—they don't hesitate to accept. After all, one's life can never have too much spice. Smith's writing is a whirlwind of sex, love, and rich, beautiful men. Become intimately acquainted with Darren (known to his "friends" as Daddy), the beautiful Erick, the down-to-earth Reed, and a wide cast of other personalities. This erotic romp through the high life doesn't discriminate: you'll find young and old here, men and women, and equipment of varying size and functionality. Take rough ride through the glitzy and glamorous world of billionaire sex.

Smith doesn't ease you into the story; he thrusts you deep into the sexual action by the third page. The sex is graphic, hot, and abundant. Don't mistake this novel for fluff, though: between licks and pats, the pages are full of a meaty substance sure to satisfy any romantic or literary fan who isn't afraid to get a little dirty. The complex tapestry of relationships is handled with a skilled hand, featuring enough plot and intrigue to keep readers glued to the page. Come for the hot gay erotica; stay for the excellent characters. No matter where your preferences lie, this is a fun fantasy to indulge in.

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