The Red Horse: War Against God’s Government
by Connie Ordelheide Anderson
Pen House

"Man, 666, is the Destroyer in disguise. He is not quite God 777. He is at war with God’s character and government."

A treatise on biblical symbolism, Anderson’s book examines many of the key constructs found throughout the Bible. These include, for example, “seas of humanity,” “mountains of fire,” and “seven angels with seven trumpets.” The author’s main thesis proposes that the end days, which are soon upon us, were foretold like a roadmap in the Bible by an omnipresent God who has already written the story of the world. Tying into the equation such modern significant events as the fall of the Iron Curtain, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and the history made in China’s Tiananmen Square, Anderson then turns her focus toward the unspeakable tragedies which unfolded in America on September 11, 2001. The argument is made that because humanity has turned from God (such as church and state separation), such catastrophic events and mass human suffering will only increase.

Anderson’s book appears to be geared for a specific audience. This includes Christian believers of certain evangelical or fundamentalist persuasions who should find her analysis comforting in its reinforcement of a worldview wherein the Bible is the inerrant word of God. Further, a systematic uncovering of “hidden” codes and symbols in the ancient text is seen as foretelling contemporary worldwide events. The author’s book is a plea for all of humanity to heed the warnings God provided through Jesus and his brief but significant existence as the Son of God here on earth. Readers of other belief systems such as Judaism may disagree with the views strongly expressed here, as the text implies the need for Jews to reconsider and accept Jesus as Lord and the only way to salvation. That said, the author’s deep knowledge of scripture and her passion for sharing its details to the masses is quite strong.

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