The Robot and the Ballerina
by Amanda Woods
Mindstir Media

"Next time you see that old box on the floor, you never know what kind of adventure you're in for."

Belle Ballerina is a creative, imaginative child who sets out in search for anything to play with when she comes across an old box thrown out in the kitchen trash. Belle takes the box, some red paint, buttons, and glue and creates herself an adventurous robot named Carl. Belle and Carl go on daring escapades all around the world. Together, they start the day by traveling to outer space to explore the moon, stars, and hopefully find an alien. Next, Belle and Carl find themselves swimming in the ocean on the tail of a whale. Still seeking adventure, Belle and Carl explore a mountainous volcano and then proceed on to the jungle, careful not to wake dangerous animals. When Belle is awaken by her mother, she discovers her beautiful robot, Carl, was just a figment of her imagination and he is really still just an old box in the corner of her room. However, this does not discourage Belle and she awaits her next adventure with Carl in her dreams.

Woods has created a story that all her young readers can relate to by building on the astounding power of a child's imagination and dreams. She stimulates the minds of her readers by taking them on extraordinary experiences all over the universe from outer space to the great depth of the ocean. Woods is supplied unlimited story inspirations from her own imaginative and adventurous children. She wants to use her stories to inspire all children to be ambitious dreamers and never give up on any adventure they wish to take in life. Woods shows children that if you can dream it, you can accomplish it

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